Meet the Crew

Claudia Zibner

Port Charlotte, Florida
Fiji -Vanuatu, Vanuatu - Australia

Me in a nutshell:
Born and raised in Luebeck, on the coast of the “ever so chilly” Baltic Sea, I grew up spending most of my springs, summers and falls, sailing with my parents on our little sailboat whenever time and weather permitted. Our family voyages included trips to Denmark, Sweden and local areas of the Baltic Sea.
The passion for water related activities is deeply engrained in me, and reflects in in my favorite past time activities like spearfishing, diving, “beach bumming”, fishing, sailing or just boating in general – anything in, on and beneath the water makes me the happiest person on the planet.
Whenever the travel bug bites me, and work & school permits, I love traveling to places with amazing dive sites, to explore new underwater worlds. So far, I have been blessed to experience Bonaire, the British Virgin Islands, the Florida Keys, Belize and the Maldives (the latter two were heavenly live aboard dive trips).
Knowing Dan and Agnes for several years from spearfishing with mutual friends, I was blessed to be able to sail with them on occasion. When they told me that they were looking into participating in the World Arc Rally, circumnavigating the southern hemisphere, my heart literally skipped a few beats.
Sailing around the world, or at least parts of it was my father’s biggest dream. He never got to realize this adventure, since he passed away early, when I was nine years old.

Being blessed with the opportunity to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I am dedicating this journey to him, Paul Zibner.
Last but not least, my biggest thank you goes out to the most awesome boss in the entire world:
Beth Wilson with Wilson Tax and Accounting
Thank you for allowing me to take this extended time off and making this dream of mine come true!

Diane Karpman and Bruno Lago

Elmhurst, Illinois
Diane: Galapagos - Marquesas, Marquesas - Tahiti
Bruno: Crusie Galapagos

 I am more than elated to join Dan and Agnes Long on their sailboat Smoke and Roses for their South Pacific leg of the World Arc Cruising rally.  My name is Diane M. (Terrafino) Karpman and I love sailing.

I live in Elmhurst, Ill., a suburb 15 miles west of Chicago.  I have raised 3 sons and have been in the real estate world for 30 years. I currently work for Berkshire Hathaway real estate as a Broker Associate.  I love what I do but taking a break to participate in World Arc Cruising is a once in a lifetime opportunity I could not pass up!

In my early 20’s I delivered a charter boat from the east coast to the Virgin Islands.  That was the first time I have ever sailed and I quickly learned how to manever around a 65’custom made charter boat.   My 3 week delivery turned into 10 months working aboard a 65’ Irwin which accommodated 8 vacationers weekly.  From there, I joined a delivery crew on a 72’ cutter to the French and Dutch Islands.  It was time to return home and settle down.

While in Chicago I spent many of my summer’s racing on Tartan 10’s, 45’ C&C’s, and a J35.  This past year I made was first mate for several day charters on lake Michigan. It was like riding a bike you never forget how to sail or serve in 20 knots of wind.  In addition to my summers pleasures, I become a leader for the Sea Scouts boat.  I love watching young boys and girls light up when they drive the boat for the first time.

To date, everything in my sailing world has been a true blessing and I look forward to adding 3500 Nautical miles aboard Smoke and Roses Feb – April 2018. 

Scott Endicott

Port Charlotte, Florida
St Lucia - Columbia

Rich and Tracy Smith with Jeff Krell

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Panama Canal Transit

George and Carolynn Chamberlain

Port Charlotte, Florida
Panama - Las Perlas, Las Perlas - Galapagos

Alicia Long and Jeff

Alexandria, Virgina
Richards Bay, South Africa - Cape Town